2022 IACA conference scholarship

Scholarship of $1000 to be used for:

  • Conference Registration Fee

  • Lodging/Food

  • Airfare/Ground Transportation

The qualified applicant will:

  • Have been a member in good standing in MARCAN for at least one year

  • Have worked in a criminal intelligence/analytical capacity for at least one year (prior experience considered)

  • Have attended a minimum of 50% of the last twelve monthly Metro Intel/MARCAN meetings or MARCAN training sessions

  • Not have attended the IACA Conference in the past three years

*These qualifications are only guidelines. We encourage interested members to apply. All applications will be considered!

By accepting the scholarship, the recipient agrees to:

  • Prepare a brief summary of how the conference experience will impact his/her contribution to his/her agency (to be presented at the first MARCAN meeting following the conference)

  • Replace the longest-serving member of the scholarship selection committee

  • Include cancellation insurance or purchase a transferrable ticket in making his/her airline reservation

  • Reimburse MARCAN for any related expenses if he/she is unable to attend.


  • Download the application form here. It MUST be signed by you, your direct supervisor, and your department head. It also contains directions regarding your essay.

  • The deadline for applying is 23:59 on Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

    • Your application will be rejected if you do not complete all three parts: application, essay, and supervisor approval.

If you have questions, you can email Vice President of Administration Sabrina Potts at spotts@cityofshawnee.org.