The Metro Intelligence meeting is normally attended by at least 20 crime analysts, Detectives, and probation/parole officers from agencies within the greater Kansas City area.

The purpose is to allow representatives from each agency an opportunity to share crime pattern information, notable subjects of interest, and other intelligence relevant to effective police operations.


The third Thursday of each month at 11:00AM. The MARCAN meeting will start at 10:00AM.


For even months, we will meet at the Blue Springs, MO Police Department (1100 SW Smith St, Blue Springs, MO 64015). Make sure you look at the parking instructions below! Odd months will be held at the Shawnee, KS Police Department (5850 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS 66217).

Meeting Schedule for 2022:

  • January 19 - Shawnee PD

  • February 16 - Blue Springs PD

  • March 16 - Shawnee PD

  • April 20 - Blue Springs PD

  • May 18 - Shawnee PD

  • June 15 - Blue Springs PD

  • July 20 - Shawnee PD

  • August 17 - Blue Springs PD

  • September 21 - Shawnee PD

  • October 19 - Blue Springs PD

  • November 16 - Shawnee PD

  • December TBD - Holiday Party (details to come!)

Blue Springs Police Department

1100 SW Smith St, Blue Springs, MO 64015

Do NOT park in the lot to the north along SW Smith St, your car will get towed. You can park safely to the east in the lot along SW 11th St. Enter through the main doors and walk straight ahead to the door at the end and turn left. Journagan Room is there. If confused ask Records desk how to get there.

Shawnee Police Department

5850 Renner Rd, Shawnee, KS 66217

All parking in the lot is free. Enter through the rotating doors on the front of the building and the training room has a public entrance on the right side of the lobby.