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MARCAN is an association of law enforcement professionals who have joined together to enhance criminal information sharing and crime analysis training opportunities for its members. We are a 501(3)(c).

MARCAN advocates the highest professional standards in fostering a cooperative crime analysis network to assist the exchange of criminal information. We also routinely provide crime analysis-related training and can assist agencies in the research and development phase of implementing a crime analysis unit.

MARCAN meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month in conjunction with the Metro Intelligence Meeting. The Intelligence meeting begins at 10:00AM followed immediately by the MARCAN meeting. While the Metro Intelligence meeting is restricted to law enforcement only anyone interested in crime analysis is welcome at the MARCAN meeting. See the Metro Intel page for details on dates/locations. You and your department's representatives are welcome to attend MARCAN's next scheduled meeting with no obligation to assess the value of membership for yourself!

Member Agencies:

MARCAN Membership

MARCAN memberships are open to any local, state, or federal law enforcement employee. MARCAN members are often crime or intelligence analysts but law enforcement employees of any role may join.

A membership application is available at the top of this page. Membership dues are $40 the first year and $35 every year thereafter. Each membership year is for the calendar year, i.e., January 1 to December 31.

Membership BENEFITS

  • Free or low-cost training sessions throughout the year

  • $1,000 scholarship opportunity for the annual IACA conference

  • IACA certification test fee paid - either LEAF ($150) or CLEA ($175) (one time only per member)

  • Access to a network of crime analysts from 40+ local, state and federal law enforcement agencies

  • Membership fees paid to the International Association of Crime Analysts, if requested

    • Access to a worldwide network of 2,500+ crime analysts and other criminal justice professionals

    • Participation in an active email listserv to assist with a variety of needs, ranging from technical questions or assistance with nationwide crime problems

    • Discounted rates for IACA Professional Training Series classes

Other membership benefits may include:

  • Scholarship to local IACA Professional Training Series class – $395 value for each of five classes (one recipient per class)

      • Fundamentals of Crime Analysis

      • Tactical Crime Analysis

      • Problem Analysis

      • Crime Mapping

      • Computer Applications for Crime Analysis

  • Tuition assistance when attending an IACA Professional Training Series class co-hosted by MARCAN or within 200 miles of your agency – $100 value for up to five members