First Friday Free Training: Intermediate ArcGIS & Introduction to SQL
Presented by: Sgt. Jonas Baughman (Intermediate ArcGIS) & Bruce Blackman (Introduction to SQL)
When: Friday, 11/2/18 9 am to 4:30 pm
Where: KCPD Academy, 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd, KCMO

Intermediate ArcGIS: This class is a hands-on lab that will teach on the next level to intermediate ArcGIS. Learn map symbology, querying GIS data, conducting "hot spot" analysis using Getis-Ord Gi* statistic, creating a bivariate map, and more. 

Introduction to SQL: SQL is the programming language of relational databases. This class will provide a quick overview of what a relational database is, provide a tool directly into RMS, CAD, or other database systems to query exactly the information needed instead of relying on the restrictive capabilities of interfaces supplied by the manufacturer, show how to do data cleaning and manipulation often reserved for Excel or other software at the query stage, and show how these foundations can help quickly expand skill sets.

We will be in the computer lab with ArcGIS loaded, but feel free to bring a laptop. Lunch will  be on your own from 1130 to 1300. RSVP using the form at right as seating is limited.

ArcGIS/SQL Registration Form