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Program Consultant I-Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Division:  Special Operations Division
Position Type: Regular, Classified, Full-Time, Nonexempt, Benefits-Eligible
Position Location: Topeka, Kansas
Compensation:  $17.39 Hourly
Applications accepted through:  May 15, 2018
Coordinates the Kansas Missing Persons Clearinghouse....Monitor Missing/Unidentified Person Kansas Administrative messages, through computerized database connections for compliance to Kansas statutes...Maintain KBI Missing/Unidentified person cases in NCIC...Maintain the Missing Person’s database including developing procedures and quality assurances for the MPC.
Serve as principal information analysis and exchange contact between KBI and local, state, and federal agencies & organizations engaged in anti-trafficking efforts. Gather and analyze all available information and data within Kansas and nationally as it relates to persons trafficked, traffickers and consumers of commercial sex violations. 
• Six months of experience in planning, implementing and monitoring activities relevant
  to the agency’s programs. Education may be substituted for experience as determined relevant by the agency.
• Exceptional oral, written communication and problem solving skills are necessary.
• Knowledge of state statutes
• Knowledge of methodology to compile, analyze, and report data
• 2 years’ experience in criminal justice related field
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
• Good interpersonal people skills and ability to maintain sensitive information in confidence
• Must possess exceptional writing and public speaking skills
 This position may require in-state or out of state travel. A valid driver’s license is required when  
 operating a state vehicle, a private vehicle, or a rental vehicle for the benefit of the State.


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