MARCAN is an association of law enforcement professionals who have joined together to enhance criminal information sharing and crime analysis training opportunities for its members. MARCAN was formed in 2000 under the by-laws of the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) and has as its goal to provide guidance, assistance, and training to local, state and federal agencies in the area of crime and intelligence analysis.

MARCAN offers many training opportunities for our members, in a variety of formats. Most of these events are free for MARCAN members. See the St. Louis Chapter page for more info on this event.

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KC Metro Intel

Once a month (the third Thursday of every month at 10 am), MARCAN hosts the Metro Intel meeting for law enforcement agencies in the Kansas City area. Restricted to law enforcement only, these meetings are an opportunity for agencies to share information regarding crime trends and series and collaborate their efforts to identify and apprehend suspects. Following each Metro Intel meeting is the MARCAN meeting.

  • Thursday, 3/15/18
  • Lenexa PD


MARCAN memberships are open to any local, state, or federal law enforcement employee.  The most appropriate agency member is the individual(s) responsible for performing crime analysis related functions, whether on a formal or informal basis. A membership application is available here. Membership dues are $40 the first year (and $35 every year after that) and includes membership to the International Association of Crime Analysts.

College students who are interested in a career in law enforcement are also encouraged to join. Student membership is only $15!

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